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Discover Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs Baltimore

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs Baltimore

Many people who struggle with severe alcohol dependency are still able to live what appears to be a normal life and have family and job responsibilities that prevent them from entering inpatient treatment. However, there are intensive programs designed to help these people beat their alcohol addiction without stepping fully out of their lives. These programs are known as intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs in Baltimore. These programs allow a person to recover outside of a rehab center or hospital setting but still receive a high level of support and medical intervention to ensure they can safely detox both mentally and physically.

Differences Between Inpatient and Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs in Baltimore

The major difference between inpatient and intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs in Baltimore is the length of time that the addict commits to both. Most intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs consist of three to four hours of time daily during which an addict’s mental and physical health is assessed to ensure that they are healthy and safe as they detox. Some alcoholics are able to start at the level of intensive outpatient treatment, while others will transition from a residential detox program to an intensive outpatient program. In this case, the outpatient program is often referred to as step-down treatment.

How Do You Know When It Is Time for an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program?

If you or a loved one is suffering from severe alcohol addiction that is impairing daily life, then an intensive outpatient alcohol treatment program in Baltimore might be a wise choice. However, not everyone is a candidate for this level of treatment. Before admittance into a program, the addict will need to be physically, mentally, socially, and psychologically assessed. This allows the treating professional to get an accurate picture of the patient’s health condition.

As mentioned, alcohol and substance abuse treatment often involves working through several levels in the overall detox and recovery process. It is important that an addict starts on a level that is in line with their needs, which a trained substance abuse professional can ascertain.

Contac the Bergand Group for More Information

If you believe that intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs in Baltimore would be a good fit for you or a loved one, or have recently finished an inpatient treatment program, contact The Bergand Group to learn more about this option and to schedule an assessment.

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