Talking about addiction can be an important conversation. If you suspect that you or a loved one have an alcohol addiction, you have options for treatment. Many people just like you have found success with intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs in Baltimore.

Are you in need of intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs in Baltimore?

If your drinking is affecting your daily life and your relationships, you may have an unhealthy addiction to alcohol. Some signs that you may be addicted include cravings for alcohol, drinking during the day, or not being able to stop drinking once you start. If your drinking has caused you to miss work or time with friends and family, this is also an indication that you should seek addiction treatment.

Recovery in an alcohol rehabilitation center

Recovery in alcohol rehab may involve inpatient treatment, including counseling sessions, group therapy, and strategies for changing the patterns of an alcoholic’s thinking. For those who are unable or uncomfortable with living in a treatment center, there is an alternative. Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs include testing to ensure that the drinker is no longer drinking, as well as group sessions and individual counseling a few times per week. Patients are given “homework” to help them determine their reasons for drinking and deal with the underlying stressors and emotions.

What are some of the benefits of attending alcohol rehab for an addiction?

Benefits of addiction treatment include medical stabilization and safety for the drinker. Withdrawal from alcohol can be deadly, and even if the withdrawal isn’t deadly, the physical side effects can be painful and unpleasant.

Alcohol rehab also offers relapse prevention strategies for the drinker and peer support, helping them create a network of sympathetic friends that can provide support as the drinker works through early sobriety. Many programs also involve the drinker’s family, both to repair relationships and to help family members understand how to support the drinker in their sobriety.

Therapy is a key factor in alcohol rehab, as well. Group and individual sessions can help the patient work through past trauma or hurt and develop better coping strategies for dealing with life stress.

Getting Started

You can start your path to recovery today with a call to The Bergand Group. We work with people just like you to find treatment and a return in health in a safe, positive community.

About The Bergand Group:

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