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What is Individual Therapy in Baltimore County

Individual Therapy in Baltimore County

Addiction is a complicated mental and physical health disorder because it affects the body’s function and the way mental pathways are formed in many cases. Long-time substance abuse can alter the brain’s wiring, making it likely that a trained therapist will need to explore continued mental health conditions. At the same time, addiction often stems from mental health issues that are untreated or self-medicated. Therefore, most people struggling with addiction and maintaining sobriety will benefit from individual therapy in Baltimore County.

What is Individual Therapy in Baltimore County When Used to Treat Addiction?

Addiction therapists are trained to tackle the mental side effects or mental health comorbidities of patients in a variety of fashions. Individual therapy in Baltimore often utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy to explore why a patient became addicted to a substance and how to overcome that issue. The main goal is to get to the root of a patient’s triggers so that they can identify these triggers and then avoid them. If the trigger is not avoidable, such as in the case of family trauma or environmental stress, then the patient learns new and stronger coping mechanisms that can be used instead of a substance.

Triggers are often impossible to avoid throughout the recovery process, so learning proper responses to triggers and identifying cravings as something that can be overcome is the key to successfully maintaining sobriety throughout recovery.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

There are many benefits of individual therapy, which is why it is often used in conjunction with other types of addiction therapy, such as group therapy sessions. While group therapy sessions are great for building positive relationships with people facing the same battle, individual therapy in Baltimore County allows addicts to really dig to the bottom of their own personal issues and triggers.

Every single addict has a different story and a different set of triggers. They also will respond better to some interventions than others. A highly individualized approach is often necessary to help addicts reach sobriety and maintain it.

If you are looking for individual therapy in Baltimore County, contact The Bergand Group. We offer an array of therapy options as well as detox programs.

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