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What Individual Therapy in Baltimore County Can Help With

Individual Therapy in Baltimore County

There is a reason why drug and alcohol addiction is not something that can be cured, it is a lifetime effort to stay sober. Instead, you are always considered to be in recovery, which is something that individual therapy in Baltimore County. The goal is to remain sober and in recovery for the rest of your life, but for this to be attained, you need to be willing to dive deep into their personal issues and discover the deeper causes of addiction. Addiction is multi-layered, and usually, there is much more than just physical withdrawal symptoms to address.

What is Individual Therapy in Baltimore County?

Individual therapy in Baltimore County utilizes various techniques to properly treat the psychological causes of addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is commonly used to help recognize addiction triggers to teach the you how to avoid triggers and deal with the triggers that may be unavoidable, such as stress or environmental stimuli. Therapists work intensely with patients to work through situational triggers, environmental stimuli, and comorbid mental health conditions. They then teach the patient how to overcome or avoid their triggers depending on the trigger and the individual situation and coping mechanisms of the patient.

Benefits of Individual Vs. Group Therapy

While group therapy is an excellent place to find people that have similar stories and similar experiences, it is not the best place to work on individual growth. Group therapy is not a replacement for the inner discovery and growth that occurs in therapy. One therapist cannot possibly develop positive coping mechanisms for every individual in a group. This is why therapy is a great add-on to any addiction recovery plan. Therapy also gives a person a regular place to turn for help when they feel their recovery is threatened.

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