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Individual Therapy in Baltimore County: Take Charge of Recovery

Individual Therapy in Baltimore County

Addiction can be an uphill battle for people struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and for their loved ones who are watching them fight against their personal demons. The only way to successfully reduce your chance of a relapse is to seek appropriate help and support. Individual therapy in Baltimore County is a great way to start the healing process and regain control of your life.

How Can Individual Therapy in Baltimore County Help Treat Addiction

One of the primary benefits of individual therapy in Baltimore County is that it can be customized to fit the needs of each individual patient. Addiction is different for every single person, and while certain issues may increase the risk of addiction, everyone has a different pathway to recovery. One-on-one therapy allows trained CBT therapists to explore the needs of individual issues such as co-morbid mental health conditions to successfully create treatment plans to overcome addiction and relapse threats.

Benefits of Individual Therapy vs. Group Therapy

While group therapy is an excellent tool when treating addiction, it is supplemented by individual therapy. Group therapy often creates accountability and comradery among patients who can relate to each other, but individual therapy concentrates on the needs of each specific patient. Individual therapy in Baltimore County utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help the addict recognize what triggers their cravings so they can abstain from these situations. It also identifies triggers that cannot be avoided, such as menthol health conditions and environmental stimuli, and teach a recovering addict proper coping mechanisms so they can overcome the temptations and avoid a relapse.

Beat Your Addiction with Individual Therapy in Baltimore County

The pathway to recovery is not simple, which is why most recovering addicts need a network of positive support therapies to help overcome it. If you are looking at individual therapy in Baltimore County Maryland, The Bergand Group is here for you. We offer individual and group therapy sessions along with a wide range of other addiction programs designed to meet the needs of each individual patient. Contact us today for more information about our individual therapy programs.

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