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Healing with Individual Therapy in Baltimore County

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Individual therapy is a cornerstone of high-quality addiction treatment. Often, when people think about addiction recovery, they think about group therapy. They might envision 12-step programming and group meetings. Peer support does play an important role in the recovery process, but medical evidence suggests that individual therapy in Baltimore County is crucial for managing addiction and preventing relapse.

What Is Individual Therapy?

There are many forms of individual therapy, but in the context of addiction treatment, this therapy is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy. In essence, CBT therapists work with clients to help them change unhealthy thought patterns in order to change unhealthy behaviors. During therapy, clients will explore their individual triggers–those things that led them to abuse alcohol or drugs and continue to impact their day-to-day lives. They also work to develop strategies for managing those triggers and transforming their lives in order to keep their recovery on track.

The Benefits of Individual Therapy in Baltimore County

When it comes to addiction treatment, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all form of therapy. Each person is different. Individual therapy in Baltimore County takes these differences and unique experiences into account in order to help each person manage their addiction in the context of their lives.

Individualized support from a therapist who specializes in addiction treatment helps clients develop a better awareness and understanding of themselves. As people confront past traumas and their own negative traits, they have the opportunity to heal old wounds and to change those traits and behaviors that have sabotaged their well-being. And they have professional guidance for making these changes.

During individual therapy sessions, clients can benefit by practicing healthy coping skills such as mindfulness. Mismanaging negative emotions like anger and fear are all too often the triggers for abusing drugs and alcohol and causing relapse. So, during sessions, clients and therapists explore many different healthy ways of coping with negative emotions and situations.

Finding Individual Therapy in Baltimore County

The Bergand Group specializes in individual therapy in Baltimore County. Our therapists are able to tailor treatment to suit each client’s needs. We have found that this helps them create a solid foundation on which they can build their recovery and successfully manage their lives going forward. Contact us to learn more about our high-quality addiction treatment in Baltimore today.

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