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Finding Individual Therapy in Lutherville MD for Addiction Treatment

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All addictions share one common factor: they impact the ability of the brain to develop appropriate responses to stimuli. This means that no matter what kind of addiction a person has, they are seeking out something that will trigger their reward center in the brain. Unfortunately, this sets up an addictive pattern where people get addicted to their “version” of the substance and become unable  to stop whatever unhealthy behavior they’re engaging in. This is why it’s important to find individual therapy in Lutherville, MD, where people can learn how to overcome the brain’s triggers around addiction.

Understanding Individual Therapy for Addictions

This type of therapy focuses on helping individuals create new responses to stimuli, enabling them to break out of their addictive cycle. Therapy can help individuals find alternative sources of satisfaction that don’t revolve around activities like drinking, smoking, or gambling.

This is helpful for people concerned about creating an addiction to prescription drugs. These specially-trained therapists know how to address the root cause of addictions to truly treat the underlying issues.

The Benefits of Individual Therapy in Lutherville

One on one terapy has many benefits for people who are struggling with addictions. First, it helps individuals learn how to control their reactions to avoid falling back into an addictive patterns. This also means reducing the likelihood of relapse after treatment because the healthy behaviors learned during therapy will be carried into their everyday life.

Another benefit of this kind of therapy is that it allows individuals to focus exclusively on their own needs without interacting with other participants who might have different problems.

While group therapy can be particularly effective for some people, others prefer individual sessions where they aren’t likely to compare themselves with others.

Seek Treatment with the Bergand Group

The Bergand Group offers therapy that helps people resolve the underlying issues that drove them to addiction in the first place. We aim to help clients leave their addictions behind so they can get on with living their lives without having obstacles between them and their happiness.

If you’re interested in finding individual therapy in Lutherville that can help you overcome your addiction, don’t hesitate to get in touch today to set up an appointment.

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