Dealing with addiction is very serious business, but with the help of a professional, a patient can overcome their addiction and regain control of their life. One of the most powerful methods available is individual therapy, and if you suspect you need individual therapy in Lutherville MD, then read on to learn more.

Why Individual Therapy?

Group therapy is a great opportunity for patients to share their struggles and support one another, but individual therapy enables a counselor to work one-on-one with a patient to examine their situation and help determine their specific needs. Each patient is different, and developing a detailed analysis and assessment of the patient can be crucial to creating a plan for overcoming the addiction.

Identifying Triggers

A professional recovery therapist can help the patient identify their triggers:

  • Situational Triggers. Includes being with people who still use substances, or having friends who talk about it.
  • Environmental Triggers. Often a patient will find themselves back in a location or environment that promotes substance abuse or reminds them of previous times when they were using.
  • Mental Triggers. Sometimes life presents difficulties and issues that can trigger substance abuse. Stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, or other emotions and thoughts can be powerful triggers that can stimulate a desire to use.

Reacting to Triggers

Once the counselor and the patient have identified the triggers that can cause a relapse, they can work together to create methods of dealing with them effectively. Individual therapy can help the addict develop a specific plan for each type of trigger and prepare him or her to enact that plan as needed. For some of the more triggering situations, the key is avoidance. A counselor can help the patient learn to become aware of a situation and take steps to avoid being there. Other triggers may be inevitable, and the patient will need help developing a plan to overcome and conquer them at the trigger point. An individual therapy counselor can equip the patient with the tools and techniques needed to succeed in any given circumstances.

Reach Out For Help – Individual Therapy in Lutherville MD

The first step to recovery is to reach out for help. For individual therapy in Lutherville MD, contact The Bergand Group. Our experienced, compassionate counselors can partner with you to help you find the road to recovery and regain the full life you desire.

About The Bergand Group:

At The Bergand Group in Baltimore and Harford County, Maryland, our therapists have more than twenty years of experience in the mental health and addiction fields. Our focus is on providing comprehensive mental health care and appropriate care for addictive disorders. We offer both alcohol rehab and drug rehabilitation. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or substance addiction, there is help available. We also offer several other services, including family therapy and counseling. We can help. Contact us today.