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Recovering from Heroin Addiction in Baltimore

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In the United States, Baltimore is one of the cities struggling most with heroin use, with a rate of 48.8%. In other words, over half of all adults who live in Baltimore are subject to heroin’s adverse effects. Although accurate statistics are not always easy to come by, heroin addiction in Baltimore continues to be one of the main reasons people below the age of 65 die prematurely. How best can those in need of treatment find the help they’re looking for?

Dangers of Heroin Addiction

There is no denying that heroin addiction can be devastating to an individual’s life and health. Heroin abuse is a significant public health concern in Baltimore. However, the large number of people affected by heroin addiction in Baltimore is attributed to many factors. One of the main reasons many people use heroin is that it is highly addictive. Meaning that, once an individual has become addicted to this drug, they will need to continue using it to maintain their high level of dependency on it. A person can develop a high tolerance for the drug over time and require more of it each time they use it. When dependency develops, the impacts include:

  • Severe physical and mental issues
  • Depression and anxiety complications
  • Problems with memory and concentration
  • They may also have problems sleeping and eating properly

Treatment Options for Heroin Addiction in Baltimore

There are several treatment options available for heroin addiction in Baltimore. The first step is to find the one that best suits your needs or those of your loved one.

Detoxification: The detox process allows your body to rid itself of any toxins related to heroin use; this is often done under medical supervision to help prevent withdrawal symptoms, which are a common side effect of getting “clean.” Medication-assisted therapies can help with the detoxification process and make it easier on you as you try to overcome heroin addiction.

Inpatient treatment: Inpatient treatment allows you to stay at a facility while receiving direct care from medical professionals specializing in substance abuse disorders and mental health issues. Facilities may also offer therapy sessions and group activities that encourage peer support and allow you to share experiences with others who are battling similar issues. Our Bergand Group inpatient treatment center provides 24-hour services.

Unique, Pandemic-Related Challenges

The coronavirus pandemic has brought new challenges for those struggling with addiction. These include:

  • The lockdown caused reduced in-care and recovery services and social isolation stress
  • Many people struggling with addiction have relapsed or returned to old habits due to anxiety
  • Loss of income has become a trigger for people in recovery

Across Baltimore, people in recovery are suddenly facing unprecedented challenges such as: no jobs or housing, closed meeting spaces, limited access to medical care and diminished medication supplies. As the weeks have into months, and now years, many fear they will relapse without support.

A Recovery Program for Struggling Individuals 

The Bergand Group provides professional, ethical, and highly skilled treatment to individuals with heroin addiction in Baltimore. We are a team of experts who are passionate about our work and aim to help those suffering from the disease of addiction.

Looking for an efficient recovery program can be difficult, but worry no more; The Bergand Group is an efficient team offering top-tier recovery services to walk you through your journey to sobriety. Get in touch today or make inquiries and bookings through our website and start your journey to freedom today.

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