Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive drug that is derived from morphine and which produces a feeling of euphoria in users. Heroin has many health risks, but is one of the most difficult drug addictions to break. With heroin use, your body develops a powerful psychological and physical dependence on the drug.

How Heroin Addiction Develops

Most people do not jump straight into heroin addiction. People can start abusing painkillers, and when painkillers stop producing the positive feeling that they’re chasing, they move onto harder drugs. Prescription pain relief medications such as Vicodin and OcyCotin have similar effects as heroin, at least at first. Studies have shown that almost 80% of heroin users in treatment indicated that they had misused opioid prescription drugs first. The opioid epidemic in the United States has led to the scrutiny that opioids are a gateway drug to heroin for some users.

Why Professional Help is Necessary

Since 2007, the rate of heroin deaths has continued to increase in the US. Heroin is a dangerous addiction and there is a dire need for those who are battling an addiction to seek professional help. The withdrawal symptoms from the drug can occur just mere hours after the last use. This cycle encourages users to return to the drug to avoid withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms are painful. Symptoms can include vomiting, sweating, muscle pain, bone pain, abdominal cramps, and extreme agitation. It can feel impossible for an addicted individual to see the benefit of choosing these feelings over the elation that another hit of heroin could bring.

A professional recovery center can help with many aspects of addiction. They can prescribe medication that helps individuals reduce their cravings, as cutting physical dependence on the drug is the first step. Next, a professional will work with the individual to address their psychological dependence. Counseling and therapy are so important for addressing psychological dependence and vital for long-term success.

Recovery Programs

Recovery programs provide a safe space for an addicted individual to address and conquer their problem. There are various forms of rehabilitation programs including an inpatient facility or outpatient treatment. These programs always include a medical and therapeutic element. Medicine is used to combat withdrawal symptoms and therapists or counselors are used to tackle the psychological dependence. Studies have shown that the longer an individual can stay in a rehabilitation program, the better their chances of success.

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