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What are the Top Benefits of Group Therapy in Baltimore

Group Therapy in Baltimore County

Group therapy is an excellent option for those seeking help with drug addiction who are not in acute crisis and want a source of support. Group therapy Baltimore is traditionally led by a professional substance abuse counselor and encourage members to share stories in the confidential group. Shared stories and relatable instances are one of the top benefits of group therapy.

What is Group Therapy Baltimore?

As noted, a group therapy Baltimore session is traditionally led by a trained psychologist who oversees and facilitates discussion between five to 15 group members. In larger groups there may be two trained substance abuse counselors to ensure discussion stays on topic and comfortable for all members. Group members do not have to share, but many find that the confidential setting is actually comforting. Isolation is one of the strongest emotional issues to battle when recovering from substance abuse, group therapy helps to give an addict a safe place to come to interact with others.

What Should A Patient Expect

Most group therapy sessions are less expensive than individual therapy, which makes them a useful tool to use throughout recovery. While they are not beneficial to most people in acute crisis, they are an excellent tool to use throughout rehabilitation. Most group therapy Baltimore groups will require participants to sign a confidential pledge/contract, and work under the premise that everything said in group stays in group. New participants are not required to share, but it is often more therapeutic to exchange stories and receive feedback and encouragement from other group members.

Benefits Compared to Individual Therapy

There are multiple benefits that come from choosing group therapy. The first is that it is a sustainable method of treatment that you can access long after the original acute crisis. The second is that it can help you make friends who can support you because they have stood in your shoes. The third is that it serves as a safe place to vent emotions that otherwise might encourage you to use again. Finally, they serve as proof that recovery is possible and give addicts powerful real life examples of success to aim towards.

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