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Top Benefits of Group Therapy in Baltimore

Group Therapy in Baltimore County

One of the most challenging aspects of entering recovery is not getting sober but instead remaining in recovery. The relapse rate for addiction is high, but there are some things that you can do to help reduce the personal risk level of relapse. Group therapy Baltimore treatment is one excellent option. While group therapy is not meant for those in acute crisis, it can be an excellent way for those in recovery to get the continual support they need to stay in recovery.

What is Group Therapy Baltimore?

Group therapy Baltimore treatment is a lot like the title implies. Usually, a trained substance abuse counselor will lead a group of five to 15 people through a discussion meant to allow participants to vent, express, listen, and find solace in each other’s stories. Group therapy has been found to help addicts through recovery because it helps them see that they are not alone. It also helps them gain insight into others’ experiences to identify similar sticky points in their own life.

What Happens During Group Therapy Baltimore Sessions?

Most groups meet once or twice a week, with the length of meetings varying depending on which group you choose to join. Many groups are open, meaning that you are not required to attend twice a week or even for the entire meeting. Addicts are invited to join at their own pace and comfort level and can choose to simply listen until they are comfortable enough to share. One comfort of group therapy is that all information is kept private, which offers support for addicts who don’t have anyone else in their life to confide in.

Group Vs. Individual Therapy

Group therapy Baltimore offers its participants several benefits, including support from others who are in the same situation. Many people feel that anxiety, panic attacks, and similar issues related to drug abuse are their own personal demons but find comfort in learning that other people feel the same way. Group therapy also offers a place for people to vent freely, which can help them release emotions that might otherwise be a trigger to start using again. Another benefit is that groups help recovering addicts move forward. Seeing others beat addiction can be extremely motivating, and patients start to feel accountable to other group members, which helps reduce the chances of relapse down the road.

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