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Recover Together with Group Therapy in Baltimore County

Group Therapy in Baltimore County

Drug and substance abuse therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution to beating addiction and staying clean. There are several therapeutic approaches and most people find combining several approaches such as group therapy and individual therapy leads to the most results. However, the idea of group therapy in Baltimore County can seem daunting at first. 

The idea of sharing your story with one counselor, versus one counselor and five to 10 other people can be a lot, however, the dynamics of group therapy can offer unparalleled support and camaraderie that cannot be found elsewhere. The simple fact that others can relate and share similar journeys can be a compelling reason to stay clean and to believe you have the power to get clean.

What To Expect from Group Therapy in Baltimore County

With that said, you may be interested to learn more about what group therapy in Baltimore County has to offer you. The typical group therapy session consists of a psychologist leading five to 15 people through a session by offering questions, guidance, and gentle prompting so that all participants have a positive experience. There is no requirement to speak if uncomfortable, as some group members gain more from listening to shared experiences, but the option to share an experience for feedback is always open and available.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy offers participants a wide range of benefits, including the added support and potential to make friends who can commiserate and help them through the recovery process. Sometimes just hearing that others in the group are dealing with the same problems can help reduce the isolation that you feel while facing depression, mental health issues, or panic associated with drug addiction and recovery.

Group therapy also creates a sounding board that can help you learn to see things from different perspectives which can help you find resolution quicker. Finally, groups composed of people in different places of their recovery serve as an impetus to stay clean. Learning that others are fighting the same battle can cause you to work harder as we result.

Find Group Therapy at The Bergand Group

If group therapy in Baltimore County sounds like something you would be interested in participating in, contact The Bergand Group for more information. We offer an array of therapy options including group therapy.

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