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Group Therapy Sessions in Baltimore: A Community of Recovery

Group Therapy in Baltimore

Group therapy is where a group of similar patients meets to describe and discuss their problems under the guidance and supervision of a therapist. Typically, these patients have something in common that links their experiences or challenges. Group therapy is a popular treatment for individuals dealing with addiction, trauma, or mental health issues. If you’re looking for group therapy sessions in Baltimore, The Bergand Group is a top facility offering this program.

What to Expect From a Group Therapy Session

The idea of a group therapy session may seem intimidating at first. For example, imagine yourself walking into a group of strangers and having a “heart to heart.” It may not seem natural, but in reality, it’s a lot easier and more comfortable than you may think to open up and connect with others.

If it’s your first time joining the group, then you won’t have to be the first one to talk. As the different individuals in the group begin to share their stories, you’ll start to get more comfortable. You will see that these individuals have commonalities with you and that you may benefit from learning from them.

Benefits of Group Therapy

There are several benefits that group therapy offers compared to alternative forms of therapy:

Social Skills

As the participants learn to engage, share stories, and listen to each other, they learn essential social skills. This practice can be invaluable for individuals who have had social issues in the past.


The groups in this type of therapy are made up of people struggling through similar issues. Group therapy acts as a form of support. Individuals feel comfort seeing that others are going through similar challenges, such as relapses or panic attacks, and relate to how others handle the tough times.

Sounding Board

Your group begins to act like a sounding board for you. As you discuss a problem or situation you’re facing, you will get to hear from different perspectives. This can help broaden your perspective and allow you to see many different sides to a situation.

Group Therapy Sessions in Baltimore at The Bergand Group

Many patients feel that group therapy is a highly rewarding experience. You end up creating a mini-community of people who truly understand you. If you’re ready for group therapy sessions in Baltimore, reach out to The Bergand Group today. You can book an appointment to find out more about our group therapy program by calling 410-853-7691 or contacting us online.

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