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Group Therapy In Baltimore: Healing Together

Group Therapy In Baltimore

For the best group therapy Baltimore can offer, you first need to know what group therapy is and what it entails. Group sessions often benefit people in ways that individual sessions can’t, mainly by providing the support of peers. Knowing that you have people in your corner is often a catalyst for creating a safer and more reliable recovery environment.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is when one or more psychological professionals lead a group of five or more people (usually no more than fifteen). Most groups meet one or two times a week for anywhere between one and two hours. The amount that people want to reveal about themselves is up to the individual. However, what is said in the group remains with the group and is not discussed outside of the session.

What You Can Expect 

The general idea is that in the group, you and the other group members share your problems. The safe, nurturing environment often allows people to get things off their chest that they normally couldn’t. A few specific activities group members are expected to engage in include:

  • Initial Pledge – Every group has participants sign a contract that goes over what they’re expected to do in a group. Knowing these specifics often helps people overcome the fear of participation, as it takes some of the mystery out.
  • Participation – There are times when it’s okay not to talk (even for the whole session), but group members are expected to participate on some level. The more you discuss, the more you’ll get out of it.
  • Sharing – This is perhaps the most important activity because other group members will often have the same or similar problems. Talking about what’s happening with you could help them more than you know.

Some Group Therapy Baltimore Benefits

There are several benefits that come with group therapy, but some of the most direct is:

  • Support – Listening to others with similar problems while discussing your own shows the entire group that nobody is alone.
  • Other Perspectives – Discussing problems in a group and hearing other members’ responses can help you see your own issues in a new light.
  • Cost – Most group therapy sessions are actually less expensive than individual counseling, making it the best choice when you’re trying to recover on a budget.

Contact The Bergand Group today for some of the best group therapy Baltimore has to offer. We can help you find the right group to help you with your issues.

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