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Group Therapy Baltimore County: Healing Together

Group Therapy in Baltimore County

Choosing to seek help for your drug or alcohol addiction can be scary. When you find out you have to participate in group and individual therapy, it can add to the anxiety you already have. Both forms of therapy are vital to treatment programs and are designed to help individuals learn coping skills, gain insight, and work through challenging issues. If you’re in recovery and you need group therapy in Baltimore County, the Bergand Group can work with you to recover in a safe environment.

What You Can Typically Expect From A Group Therapy Session

Group therapy typically consists of one or more psychologists leading a group of three or more individuals in a therapy session. The group will meet once or twice a week for up to two hours. Each person is allowed to share as much as they’re comfortable with during the confidential session. The individuals will share their goals, feelings, experiences, and struggles. Sometimes the sessions are tailored to a specific recovery topic and other times they’re general such as how to handle work or interpersonal relationships. You can expect the therapists to encourage participation, ask questions, and give feedback.

The Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy improves communication skills, offers hope for a better future, and serves as a sounding board. Group therapy sessions are known to ease the sense of isolation. They also allow others to have open and honest conversations without getting defensive or attacking. Struggling with addiction can leave you feeling helpless and lost. When you witness the victories of those around you who are struggling with the same issues, it’ll fill you with the hope that you can achieve what they have. When you talk about a fight you had with a loved one, the rest of the group can offer their perspectives which may bring your attention to an aspect you didn’t see before. The best way to get the most from group therapy is to take a pledge, participate, and share.

The Bergand Group Offers Group Therapy in Baltimore County

The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction and recovery center. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, we can help. For more information or to schedule an appointment today, contact us.

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