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Finding Group Therapy in Baltimore County

Group Therapy in Baltimore County

Group therapy in Baltimore County provides people with a safe and supportive environment to work on their issues with a licensed psychotherapist. It’s less intimidating than individual therapy for some people because they’re among their peers who are experiencing similar struggles. This guide provides information about group therapy, its benefits, and where to receive it. Beginning with group therapy expectations, we’ll discuss what a person can typically expect when they attend sessions with The Bergand Group.

What to Expect from Group Therapy in Baltimore County

Group therapy gives people immediate access to psychotherapy services. There isn’t as long of a waitlist as individual therapy sessions because psychotherapists can work together and take on more patients at once. It’s not unusual for there to be several people meeting together during a group therapy session. Although each person’s individual circumstances differ, there is a commonality in the behaviors they’re trying to change or the challenges they’re trying to overcome.

Next, individually naming the benefits of group therapy helps patients understand why it’s the right fit for their unique treatment plan. They’re able to discover the value they can get from attending regular group sessions. Anyone that’s on the fence about attending a therapy session with other people knows what the advantages can be after reading the section below.

The Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy has its benefits, like individual therapy. Its approach, however, differs considerably. For example, group therapy teaches vital social skills. It makes it easier for people to ask for help when they need it most. It also offers a personal glimpse into who a person is and what motivates them.

People that go to group therapy have a place to voice their grievances, struggles, and victories. They have people that they can relate to and learn from, too. It can be less intimidating for them to speak to a psychotherapist when they know that there are other people in their proximity offering them the support that they need.

Baltimore County Group Therapy Provider – The Bergand Group – is Here to Help

Learn more about group therapy in Baltimore County by contacting The Bergand Group. Get the assistance that you need with whatever issue is troubling you. You’ll find group therapy a safe and comfortable way to feel supported by people facing similar struggles as you.

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