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Finding Group Therapy Baltimore in County

Group Therapy In Baltimore

Group therapy in Baltimore County offers a safe environment where a professional psychologist leads the group. Sharing your experiences with others is a fulfilling experience, which participants also find valuable.  While the concept of group therapy may at first seem intimidating, the rewards are almost tangible. People get to learn about the experiences of others going through similar trauma, which is supportive in many ways.

Defining group therapy

Group therapy means precisely that. Professionals lead, guide, and encourage people to share their most painful experiences with each other. The goal of this therapy form is to unravel individual concerns and initiate positive change. The result is a sense of belonging, not feeling that you’re alone in your trauma, and building a supportive network that reaps multiple benefits.

What to expect

Participating in group therapy may be scary, but the rewards are worth the effort. A professional will lead the group through a sharing session, giving each person the chance to express their views and concerns. Because the environment is safe, there is no judgment or criticism to derail your healing process.

Group vs. individual therapy benefits

When you decide to join group therapy, you enjoy multiple benefits, as outlined below.

Group support

A professional will group people dealing with the same issues such as depression, anxiety, or panic attacks. Although group therapy does not replace individual therapy, it is a valuable complement to your healing journey. Knowing that others suffer similar concerns provides relief, giving patients an extra support line.

Sounding board

Patients share how they deal with challenges, giving others a new perspective on their coping skills. Once you voice your experiences, sharing gives others new hope and new skills to manage their mental health issues in better ways. Unfortunately, individual therapy does not always provide this type of benefit.


Similarly, individual therapy does not place you in the position to hear of others’ successes. However, hearing how other patients have overcome their obstacles gives individuals more motivation to persist in the recovery process.

Social skills development

Meeting and interacting with other patients on the same level forces you to come out of your shell. You learn to engage and communicate better and appreciate how interaction helps to heal you.


By its nature, group therapy costs less than individual counseling. Some people believe that this feature is less beneficial, but this is not the case. Group therapy is as powerful as individual therapy—it just costs less.

You get to know yourself better.

Groups teach you more about who you are on an individual level. Each participant is like a mirror, reflecting your blind spots. Without group therapy, achieving this sense of knowledge is more challenging, so they act as teachers, giving you one more tool to use on your path to healing.

Group Therapy Baltimore County

Contact the Bergand Group to share in rewarding, healing group therapy to learn new ways to face your trials on your journey to recovery.

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