The term, psychoeducation, specifies a certain method of education for individuals who suffer substance abuse disorders and the mental health disorders caused by substance abuse. Usually, psychoeducation is combined with group therapy and cognitive behavioral treatment, to increase the chances that those who struggle with addiction will understand the disease and learn to cope with it, for a better quality of life.

What You Can Expect from Psychoeducational Programs in Towson

For an individual struggling with addiction daily, there can be more questions than answers when attempting recovery. It is crucial to seek answers to these basic questions and psychoeducational programs can shed a light on a perplexing situation. Through these programs, individuals can learn to understand the basics of addiction and the behaviors that commonly follow this disease. While individual and group therapy are also beneficial, a series of psychoeducational workshops and lectures can help strengthen the therapeutic effects and lead to a successful recovery process.

Preventing Relapse with Psychoeducational Programs

After the initial treatment for addiction, no matter how successful it may have been, many people find it very easy to relapse into past behaviors. This is another area where psychoeducational programs can be used to strengthen patients to resist the temptation of drugs or alcohol. Often, after time passes, the lessons learned during recovery begin to fade from a person’s mind. Reminder classes and lectures can help bolster the lessons previously learned and make them as helpful as they were in the beginning. Also, having the support of a group of recovering addicts, sharing the same doubts and obstacles, can help a person feel a part of something and strengthen their resolve to abstain.

How to Find Psychoeducational Programs in Towson

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