Outpatient detox is a safe and effective method that allows individuals with a mild to moderate addiction to drugs or alcohol to detox at home. In contrast to in-patient detox programs where patients remain at a residential treatment center for several days, outpatient detox does not mandate overnight stays. Instead, an outpatient detox patient attends counseling sessions during the day, takes medication to ease withdrawal symptoms and is monitored by a physician for health issues.

Who are Good Candidates for an Outpatient Detox Program?

Before being admitted into outpatient detox in Towson, patients are given a comprehensive physical and mental evaluation to determine if they have undiagnosed medical problems requiring immediate attention. People who successfully complete an outpatient detox program typically share the following in common:

  • They have family members and friends who will act as their strongest support group
  • They do not have a co-occuring, serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder to PTSD
  • They are not expected to experience severe withdraw symptoms while detoxing at home
  • They have relapsed and simply need to restart their recovery
  • They are parents with young children in the home
  • They have a stable home environment where family or friends can help them through detox

What are the Advantages of Outpatient Detox in Towson?

People who qualify for outpatient detox have the benefit of remaining in their home and fulfilling family and work responsibilities. In addition, the support they are able to receive from trusted family members and close friends is much greater compared to patients undergoing a complete medical detoxification in residential treatment center. Outpatient detox is also less expensive than in-patient detox because patients get to stay in their home instead of a residential facility.

The only disadvantage of outpatient detox is the potential for recovering individuals to relapse again. In most cases, this happens when patients continue hanging around the same dealers and others who may trigger a relapse. Making a clean break from anyone associated with substance abuse is mandatory for successfully completing outpatient detox in Towson.

The Bergand Group offers outpatient detox involving intensive counseling, withdrawal medications and treatment for physical or mental health problems. Please call us today for information about outpatient detox in Towson.

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