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What You Should Know about DUI Educational Programs in Baltimore City

DUI Educational Programs in Baltimore County

A DUI is an acronym for ‘driving under the influence. It’s a driving offense that is committed by someone driving a vehicle while under the influence of an unsafe level of alcohol or drugs. A person driving while intoxicated or ‘over the limit’ of acceptable blood alcohol content is a danger to themselves and others. Each year, roughly 1. 5 million people are arrested for driving under the influence, and as many as 10,000 people each year lose their lives because of an alcohol-related roadway accident. In order to prevent future DUIs, DUI educational programs in Baltimore City can be helpful. 

DUI Educational Programs in Baltimore City

A DUI educational program is designed to provide mandatory alcohol education for DUI offenders. Often, court judges will require offenders to complete a DUI educational course before their driving privileges may be restored. These courses may differ in their time frames. A first-time DUI offender may only be required to complete a two-day course while a second-time offender may be required to complete much more substantial DUI coursework. A person who fails to complete the required course may be required to return back to the courtroom to face further consequences.

The Importance of DUI Courses

“DUI school” isn’t simply a punishment. It provides meaningful information that could–should–change the pattern of a driver’s life. These courses cover the effects of alcohol as well as the dangers of drunk driving. There is also a focus on recognizing the signs of alcohol abuse and addiction. Some drivers will also be required to enroll in alcohol treatment as well as educational programming in order to have their driver’s license restored. Drivers can learn substantially from DUI classes and, hopefully, never drive under the influence again.

DUI classes help to prevent drivers from getting future DUIs and to make the roads safer for all drivers. If you are interested in DUI educational programs in Baltimore City, contact The Bergand Group. We feature state-certified DUI educational programs that satisfy court requirements. Call us to learn more about these programs or to enroll.

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