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What Steps to Take After a DUI

Steps to Take After a DUI

Drivers could cause serious or fatal harm to themselves and the public by driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. DUI and DWI offenses have legal and financial consequences, if the dire nature of this risk isn’t enough to deter drivers. Hence, Baltimore drivers should get a clear understanding of the steps to take after a DUI, should they find themselves in this situation.

Difference Between DUI and DWI

DUI and DWI are considered separate offenses with separate punishments in Baltimore. DWI is the more moderate offense. Drivers are charged with DWI offenses if the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is between 0.7 and 0.8%. First-time DWI offenders may face up to 60 days in jail and fines of up to $500 for DWI offenses.

If the BAC is higher than 0.08%, the driver is charged with a DUI offense. Drivers could face up to 1 year in jail if convicted of DUI in Baltimore. Additionally, the people charged with DUI may also be charged with fines of up to $1000 and 12 points on the license.

Second-time DUI offenders could face up to two years in jail and fines of up to $2000. Third-time DUI offenders could face up to three years in jail and fines of up to $3000. Drivers facing DUI charges should research steps to take after a DUI to handle the process correctly and to learn from their mistakes.

Steps to Take After a DUI

Drivers facing DUI charges will have to contact a local DUI attorney and meet a commissioner within seven days from the arrest date. If the old license is canceled, the driver may also have to complete training and other necessary procedures to apply for a new license.

The District Court or Administrative Law Judge may order the offender to enroll in a reliable DUI educational and aftercare program if the judge decides the person needs formal treatment. These certified DUI educational programs are designed to help people with alcohol or drug dependency issues.

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Baltimore drivers may require formal education and aftercare programs as part of steps to take after a DUI. Drivers convicted with DUI or DWI may explore DUI and DWI educational and aftercare programs offered by The Bergand Group by checking out our website, or by calling at 410-853-7691.

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