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Steps to take after a DUI in Baltimore Maryland

DUI Educational Programs in Baltimore County

Baltimore witnessed around 670 alcohol and drug-related deaths in the year 2017. DUI/DWI offenses have severe consequences. While the terms are often used interchangeably, “DUI” and “DWI” mean different things in Baltimore.  The legal consequences and procedures associated with both arrests differ. It’s vital to have a clear understanding of the steps to take after a DUI if you are involved in a DUI/DWI crime in Baltimore. Drivers arrested for DUI/DWI will have to attend educational and treatment programs mandated by the district court or Administrative Law Judge.

Difference Between DUI and DWI

DWI or Driving While Impaired is a less severe offense than DUI or Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. A driver is charged with DUI if the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is .08 or higher. Conversely, if the BAC is just below.08 (typically between .07 and.08), the driver is charged with a DWI. People charged with DUI or DWI will get “points” from the MVA(Motor Vehicle Administration).

  • DWI offenders get 8 points, making them eligible for license suspension
  • DUI offenders get 12 points, making them eligible for license revocation
  • Penalties can range anywhere between $500 or $5000 based on the severity of the offense
  • Jail time can range anywhere between two months and five years based on the severity of the offense

Steps to Take After a DUI

One of the first steps to take after a DUI or DWI in Baltimore is enrolling in state-mandated alcohol education programs. Individuals can also enroll in pre-trail alcohol programs even before the authorities mandate them. Most drivers will have to enroll in education programs that have a minimum duration of 12 hours.

These programs are conducted under the guidance of expert doctors, psychologists, and other medical professionals. The experts will first comprehensively analyze the driver’s condition and education requirements and then design specialized training sessions to suit their needs. They may also enroll or refer the drivers to Intensive Outpatient Treatment or aftercare programs.

Contact Us

The Bergand Group offers continuous weekly DUI programs specifically for people charged with DUI and DWI. The programs are conducted for two hours every day for six weeks. Additionally, we also offer comprehensive Intensive Outpatient Programs and 26 weeks to 52 weeks aftercare programs. Contact the Bergand Group to enroll in these specialized programs as part of steps to take after a DUI.

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