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Learn More About DUI Educational Programs in Baltimore

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There are a number of drinking offenses that may land someone suffering from alcoholism in a DUI prevention program or mandatory alcohol education class. Sometimes these programs are offered to people who have made a bad choice to help prevent the further development of a substance abuse problem. In either scenario, DUI educational programs have been proven to help reduce the rate of repeat offenders and are therefore often part of probation or sentencing arrangements.

What is a DUI?

Driving under the influence, or a DUI, is the charge assigned to someone that is driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance. If your blood alcohol test shows you are over the legal limit or you fail a substance abuse blood test then you will be charged with a DUI. Failure to submit to testing will result in a DUI charge and immediate suspension of your driver’s license in most instances.

What Type of DUI Educational Programs Are Available?

Not everyone who is charged with a DUI is eligible to attend educational programs in lieu or in addition to probation, but if you are eligible there are sometimes several types to choose from. Even if a judge does not sentence you to attend a program, the DMV may require you to attend a program before your license can be reinstated.

Programs vary based on the length of treatment and the age of the offender. Minors and first-time DUI offenders often attend what is known as “Level 1” DUI educational programs which are two-day courses while adult drivers or those with multiple DUIs may attend a “Level II” program that involves both education and therapy.

What Are the Benefits of DUI Educational Programs?

DUI educational programs help to prevent DUI offenders from repeating their offense at a later date and also serve as a bridge that helps those battling alcohol addictions reach out for help. Many times programs are used in place of harsher penalities such as jail time or probation for first-time offenders. If you are battling alcohol addiction or need to complete a DUI educational program, The Bergand Group can help. Contact us today to learn about our alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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