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Learn about DUI Educational Programs in Baltimore City

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A DUI refers to being charged with driving under the influence. The influence may be related to alcohol, drugs, or a combination of substances but, generally speaking, most people associated the charge with alcohol use. A person convicted with a DUI can often expect both legal and financial consequences. Some people may lose their driver’s license for a period of time; others may even face jail time depending on the circumstances associated with their conviction. Taking DUI educational programs in Baltimore City may be recommended by a judge in order to reduce DUI penalties or in order to obtain a new driver’s license after their old one has been revoked.

What Types of Programs Are Available?

Sometimes referred to as ‘DUI school’ or ‘DUI classes,’ DUI educational programs provide information about alcohol abuse and dependence as well as assessment of participants in the course. State-certified programs such as those featured by The Bergand Group offer a comprehensive approach to substance abuse treatment while satisfying state requirements concerning course materials and mandatory hours of attendance.

In order to complete the course and satisfy their legal obligations (i.e. as part of their parole requirement or to apply for a new driver’s license), attendees must attend the course sessions. Generally, these courses run for several weeks; they may involve one or two-hour sessions for a period of six to eight weeks.

Importance of DUI Educational Programs

Driving under the influence threatens the safety of innocent people as well as the legal status of those who are charged with a DUI. Substance abuse programs provide important information and treatment designed to help people who abuse substances like alcohol change their habits and continue with therapy if they require it. Many people who commit DUIs are dependent on alcohol or drugs and need help managing their addiction. Although DUI education programs may appear as a consequence of a DUI conviction, they can actually be an essential stepping stone on the road to drug or alcohol addiction recovery.

The Bergand Group features state-certified DUI educational programs in Baltimore City. Contact us to learn more about these programs or our extensive range of substance addiction treatment programs.

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