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DUI Educational Programs in Timonium MD

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In Maryland, driving under the influence (DUI) is the first and most severe offense when it comes to related charges. You can expect to be arrested, fined and/or sentenced jail time. It’s likely you’ll also have to take a DUI educational program which may reduce, replace, or eliminate harsher penalties in drunk driving cases like jail time or license suspension. By completing the terms of the alcohol education program, you may get your license restored. If you fail to undertake the program, you will not be eligible for license reinstatement. If you’ve been issued a DUI and you’re looking for DUI educational programs in Timonium MD, The Bergand Group offers comprehensive, weekly programs.

The Importance of DUI Educational Programs

DUI educational programs teach vital lessons that can change lives for the better. It teaches how to make better decisions, drink responsibly, and understand the grave repercussions of future DUI offenses. Learning how to make better decisions means learning how not to put yourself and others in danger, and therefore results in a decreased chance of making the same mistake twice. Learning how to drink responsibly entails always having a backup plan so you don’t have to drive while under the influence and the dangers of binge drinking. The primary lesson that’s discussed is that drinking and driving can lead to severe injuries and even murder charges if an offense results in death.

Types of Educational Programs

Educational programs are available in varying degrees and lengths. Most first-time offenders have to enroll in a program that has three-hour sessions for 12 weeks. Other times, Level II alcohol education courses are required which is a mixture of education and therapy. The length depends on the amount of DUIs the offender has had and the severity of the violation.

The Bergand Group Offers DUI Educational Programs in Timonium MD

We offer flexible and ongoing DUI programs so clients can enroll as soon as they can. We also offer intensive outpatient programs, group therapy, medication management, and outpatient detox. Our goal is to help our clients in a humane and sensitive manner to grow and achieve a level of personal development. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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