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Understanding Drug Treatment in Baltimore

Drug Treatment in Baltimore

More than 8 million people in the U.S. suffer from addiction. Addiction is a brain disease often accompanied by various mental health conditions, health issues, and substance abuse. The Bergand Group offers multiple addiction programs, ensuring that you have access to the best resources for recovery. Here’s more information regarding drug treatment in Baltimore.

Why Are Some People Denied Addiction Treatment?

Different barriers accompany addiction that affects an individual’s treatment options.


Some people who struggle to overcome addiction are in denial and don’t believe their addiction is as bad as family members or friends say.

Treatment Costs

Some people who have addictions want to get treatment but can’t because of the expensive treatment cost. The Bergand Group accepts different insurance types, including Medicaid, to ensure individuals have access to their quality addiction treatment programs.


Some individuals avoid drug treatment in Baltimore due to the fear of what other people will think of them. According to The National Survey on Drug Use and Health, neighbors and community members’ opinions greatly affect a person’s willingness to seek the treatment they need.

What Are the Key Steps in the Drug Treatment Process?

The Referral

The first step of drug treatment in Baltimore is getting a referral for an evaluation. After an individual seeks initial help, including at a hospital, primary care physician, or behavioral health specialist, the faculty will give a referral for an evaluation.

The Evaluation

A standard assessment is given to determine the unique needs of the individual. This evaluation helps The Bergand Group decide which of their treatment programs best suits the individual.

Treatment and Support

Once the evaluation is complete, individuals are put into programs that will help them overcome addiction, including individual and group therapy.

Seeking Drug Treatment in Baltimore

The Bergand Group is a recovery partner for individuals who are seeking drug treatment in Baltimore. No one should have to endure recovery alone. The Bergand Group addresses each person’s individual treatment needs using one of their many intensive outpatient services. Individuals who need drug treatment in Baltimore can contact the Bergand Group to get started with the appropriate treatments.

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