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Recovery with Drug Treatment in Baltimore

Drug Treatment in Baltimore

People who have fallen prey to addiction often struggle to regain control over their disease. Due to multiple barriers, not everyone can obtain the necessary treatment to overcome addiction. However, professionals are available to help you.  Drug treatment in Baltimore is available to help regain control of your health and your life. Our team of professionals enables you to overcome barriers to get the treatment you need by following key steps. Our experts also evaluate patients and recommend the most viable options for drug treatment to start them on the recovery process.

Overcoming Challenges to Treatment Access

Most addicts are aware that obtaining treatment to overcome addiction can be challenging. Whether they face societal stigmas, problems with Medicaid not funding treatment, or mental obstacles, these barriers are often significant.

If you have been denied treatment for any reason, we can help. If you have a hospital referral or a health care provider has advised you to seek treatment, we can help. Referrals from case managers, social workers, or probation or parole staff are welcome, including self-referrals.

Our medical professionals will evaluate your situation, your addiction, and recommend a viable protocol for drug treatment in Baltimore to help manage your health.

Key Steps in the Process

Outpatients will undergo a comprehensive evaluation process to determine their treatment needs. The goal is to help you manage your addiction, provide you with the tools to achieve this goal, and gradually decrease professional care to restore your independence as quickly as possible.

To achieve these goals, we follow a distinct process which looks like this:

  • Implement a screening and assessment step
  • Provide individual or group-based counseling
  • Plan your discharge
  • Provide additional case management and referral help

Case management services include helping patients with:

  • Housing
  • Navigating your medical care
  • Employment assistance
  • Advocating for disability rights

Additionally, our expert team provides differing drug treatment options based on individual patient evaluations.

Different Drug Treatment Options

Our patients can expect treatment options for drug or alcohol addiction detoxification based on decreasing dependency and self-management. Other drug treatment services focus on medication-assisted treatments or MAT. Further addiction treatment options include counseling to help you become addiction-free.

Get Started with your Recovery with Drug Treatment in Baltimore

Drug treatment in Baltimore is a phone call away. Contact The Bergand Group now for compassionate treatment by professionals whose one goal is to help restore your personal power and live a fulfilling life.

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