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Recovering with Drug Treatment in Baltimore MD

Drug Treatment in Baltimore MD - The Bergand Group

Addiction is a complex disease of the brain that’s usually co-occurring with mental health conditions. It affects men and women of all age groups, and sometimes those who are suffering from addiction don’t realize how out of hand things have gotten. Knowing the warning signs of addiction and accessing help when necessary can prevent overdoses and death. Some signs include secretive behavior, poor hygiene, change in behavior such as moodiness or anger, and engaging in risky behavior. If you or someone you know is experiencing substance abuse and needs drug treatment in Baltimore MD, the professionals at The Bergand Group offer various intensive programs that can help.

Some People Need Help, But Don’t Receive It

Though there are many people who are suffering from addiction and need help, not everyone receives the care they need. Some people are denied treatment because of Medicaid barriers, cost, or stigma. Medicaid puts up barriers to prescribing buprenorphine, a drug that helps people stop using opioids, and a lot of doctors won’t accept cash payments. Another reason people don’t receive the help they need is because of their beliefs, or other people’s beliefs, about substance abuse issues.

The Different Kinds of Drug Treatment

Intensive outpatient services, medication-assisted treatment, and outpatient detox are various types of drug treatment available. Intensive outpatient services for drug addiction and alcohol dependency entail daily three-hour sessions with or without medication. Medication-assisted treatment manages withdrawal symptoms and suppresses cravings with Suboxone and Vivitrol for those recovering from heroin, alcohol, and prescription opioid addictions. Outpatient detox is the first step in recovery and guides patients through their withdrawal period with medical supervision. Some benefits of outpatient detox include the comfort of one’s own home, contact with family and friends, social support, and the ability to work and maintain day-to-day activities.

Looking for Drug Treatment in Baltimore MD?

At The Bergand Group in Baltimore and Hartford County, Maryland, we’re equipped with therapists that have over 20 years of experience in the addiction and mental health fields. Our goal is to provide comprehensive mental health care and appropriate care for addictive disorders. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment today, contact us.

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