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Individual Therapy in Harford County is Tailored to You

individual therapy in harford county

Addiction can take over an individual’s life. As a result, it can be quite challenging to treat and overcome. Often, people have the best chance for recovery if they seek professional help through a rehabilitation center. Treatment at these centers is specialized for each person, but can often include individual therapy. If you’re looking for individual therapy in Harford County, The Bergand Group is a top facility.

How Individual Therapy Helps Addiction

Individual therapy is a type of therapy where the patient receives one-on-one treatment with a professional therapist. Individual therapy is typically offered in two formats: psychoanalysis or cognitive behavioral therapy.

When it comes to treating addiction, cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to be highly effective. This type of treatment allows the individual to recognize triggers that cause them to crave substances. After understanding your triggers, the therapy will focus on teaching coping mechanisms to actively recognize, avoid, and cope with these potential triggers. This is incredibly important for a recovering patient, as addiction is a lifelong journey, and they will always be met with triggering scenarios at some point in their futures.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

There are several benefits to individual therapy, as opposed to group therapy. First, the patient receives one-on-one attention from the therapist. Many people struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders alongside their addiction. Diagnosing and addressing these co-occurring mental health issues is a key factor in a person’s road to recovery. This is likely only to happen in individual therapy and not in group therapy.

Second, individual therapy offers privacy and confidentiality. The patient may feel more comfortable sharing more details and getting vulnerable in a non-group setting.

And lastly, individualized therapy allows the pace of treatment to be guided by the patient themselves.

Group therapy also has many benefits for addiction treatment, which is why many people choose to enroll in a combination of both group and individual therapy. However, if a patient only has the time for one, individual therapy should almost always be prioritized.

Individual Therapy in Harford County with The Bergand Group

The Bergand Group offers individual therapy in Harford County. Our team of professional addiction recovery therapists specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy. We teach our patients the tools they need to cope with triggering events, so they can learn how to overcome their addiction. If you want to find out more, you can book an initial consultation with The Bergand Group.

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