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Discovering Drug Treatment in Baltimore

Drug Treatment in Baltimore - The Bergand Group

Medicaid limitations and social stigmas associated with drug abuse rehabilitation programs often cause individuals to not seek out drug treatment in Baltimore. Abrupt withdrawal attempts could lead to severe health issues. Individuals suffering from drug abuse disorders benefit greatly from comprehensive drug treatment. However, not all people have access to effective rehabilitation programs.

What are the Key Steps in Drug Treatment?

Drugs could potentially impact a person’s neural health and physical functioning. The basic premise of a drug treatment plan is to help patients with the recovery process. The treatments generally involve a combination of medication-assisted programs and psychological counseling.

Doctors, counselors, and certified medical practitioners guide patients through practical methods to suppress cravings. However, compulsive drug abuse patients face the risk of frequent relapse. Therefore some people need repeated care and expert medical guidance to recover fully. Drug treatments typically involve the following steps:

  • Screening and analysis to establish the severity of the drug addiction
  • Professional counseling by expert psychologists or other authorized medical professionals
  • Medication-assisted treatment procedures involving the use of medication
  • Continuous monitoring of patient’s improvement
  • Relapse prevention counseling
  • Referral assistance

Drug treatment centers partner with experienced medical experts and medical facilities to design and implement personalized treatment plans for individuals. The centers use individual and group counseling programs to help patients recover emotionally and psychologically.

Different Options for Drug Treatment in Baltimore

Drug use disorders have negative impacts on all areas of a person’s life. People with drug abuse issues face the risk of unemployment. It’s vital to work with a reliable drug treatment center to recover effectively. Patients may choose from several treatment options for drug treatment in Baltimore.

Individual therapy may be the best option for people with severe disorders and relapse tendencies. However, group therapies help patients connect with individuals in the recovery process. Other options include:

  • Drug and alcohol detoxification programs
  • General and addiction psychiatry programs
  • Withdrawal symptom management programs
  • Relapse prevention, and recovery programs

Drug treatment experts also offer referrals to resources that will aid the recovery process. The programs are monitored by board-certified addiction psychologists, addiction counselors, peer recovery specialists, and social workers.

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