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Discovering Drug Treatment in Baltimore MD

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The drug problem in Baltimore is enough to raise concern, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to state health officials, there were 2773 deaths in 2020 due to unintentional drug or alcohol overdoses. That number is staggering, but the only way to lower it is by breaking down the barriers preventing some individuals from getting the help they need to overcome addiction, by finding drug treatment in Baltimore.

Incidentally, one of the main barriers holding people back is health care insurance. Many insurance plans don’t cover addiction rehab. Thus, another thing that prevents people suffering from addiction from getting treatment is the stigmas they face that impede their motivation to seek help.

5 Key Steps in the Addiction Recovery Process?

When it comes to addiction treatment, every center uses its own techniques and therapies. However, there are 5 steps most commonly used by therapists to help addicts recover from drug and alcohol abuse:

  1. Admit to yourself, your family, and friends, you have a problem.
  2. Find an addiction treatment facility that you feel comfortable with that will provide you with the best care.
  3. Go through the detox process.
  4. Develop an all-new daily routine for a new and better lifestyle.
  5. Celebrate your achievement and avoid relapse.

What Are the Different Types of Drug Treatment Options?

  • Short-Term Residential Treatment: A brief but intensive treatment program based on the modified 12-step program approach.
  • Long-Term Residential Treatment: Provides 24-hour care, typically in non-hospital settings.
  • Hospital Inpatient; 24/7 hospital care that can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.
  • Outpatient Treatment Programs: These treatments vary by the intensity of services and types of programs and may also treat other medical issues such as mental health problems.
  • Interim Care: Provides daily counseling and medicine in emergency cases when other immediate treatments are unavailable.
  • Detoxification: A process that helps rid the body of substances while monitoring withdrawal symptoms.
  • Individualized Drug Counseling: This method not only focuses on drug and alcohol use but also addresses other areas of impaired functioning.
  • Group Counseling: Group therapy offers social reinforcement and helps promote a drug-free lifestyle.
  • Telemedicine: Telemedicine involves virtual care, such as online treatments or over-the-phone support, that focuses on addiction treatment and recovery.
  • Transitional Housing: A temporary place to stay while transitioning.

Discover Drug Treatment in Baltimore

If you are ready to discover treatment in Baltimore,  contact the Bergand Group today.

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