Although the government declared the current opioid crisis a national emergency two years ago, the ability for those suffering from an addiction to quickly ask for and receive treatment remains incredibly difficult. Primary reasons why those struggling with substanec abuse are denied drug treatment Bel Air MD and elsewhere in the U.S. include some of what you can read below.

Why Might Drug Treatment in Bel Air MD Be Difficult to Access?

Lack of Medical Insurance

Medicaid pays for a portion of drug treatment programs, but many restrictions are applied to patients and doctors relying on Medicaid to pay for addiction medications like methadone or buprenorphine. In addition, eligibility for Medicaid is based on income. For some working, uninsured individuals who have issues of addiction, earning over the income guidelines established by the Department of Health and Human Services prevents them from receiving treatment.

Doctors are not Licensed to Prescribe Addiction Medications

Buprenorphine is an effective addiction medication given to opioid addicts to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. However, physicians qualified to prescribe buprenorphine must complete eight hours of educational training and obtain a waiver from the government. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners must have at least 24 hours of training before they can prescribe buprenorphine.

It is estimated that only about three percent of health care professionals are licensed to prescribe buprenorphine simply because regulations make it so complicated and time-consuming for busy, already-overworked providers. In addition, regulations governing buprenorphine limit how many patients doctors are allowed to treat using buprenorphine.

The Influence of Stigma on Drug Treatment in Bel Air MD

Patients face one of the most difficult choices of their life when they make the decision to enter drug treatment and get clean. Clinical research into the physiological and genetic aspects of addiction has confirmed that addiction is a chronic disease, not a “choice.” Unfortunately, society continues to view those with addictions as people who are irresponsible and immature, people who “could quit” using drugs if they wanted. Fear of being stigmatized prevents many drug abusers who are hiding their addiction from family and friends from getting treatment when they really need it.

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