Drug abuse is an epidemic in Baltimore, Maryland. The number of accident fatalities, deaths, and arrests due to possession of drugs keep increasing over the years. In order to help those in need, The Bergand Group is committed to providing drug treatment in Baltimore and care for patients seeking recovery from addiction.

The Bergand Group: The Best Solution for Drug Treatment in Baltimore

We have a team of talented doctors who have a collectively large experience with treating substance abuse and associated mental health issues. Our clients have the options to receive treatment in individual and group settings, depending on what suits their individual needs. We ensure that each client gets help from the appropriate doctor or therapist.

Our drug treatment and intensive outpatient alcohol programs, for example, encompass services such as drug monitoring, blocking agents, and pharmacologic therapy. The Bergand Group accepts patients seeking addiction medicine, psychiatry, and family therapy continuously.

Our Drug Treatment Services

DUI/DWI Educational Programs: The Bergand Group ensures that drug treatment in Baltimore remains a continuous process. We provide DUI educational programs to individuals who have a DUI. Additionally, we offer the Alcohol Treatment program to individuals who have become dependent on alcohol.

Intensive Outpatient Programs: At Bergand Group, we treat patients with substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and chemical dependency. Intensive Outpatient Programs are three-hour sessions designed to help patients with alcohol and drug abuse. Clients take the Phase II Groups program when they accept their addiction status and accept help from professionals.

Individual therapy: We use individual therapy techniques to treat addiction through our skilled addiction recovery therapists. In cognitive behavioral therapy, we help clients to identify substances that trigger their craving; for instance, stress is a trigger for mental health issues. Our therapists assist clients in avoiding the triggers of their addictions.

General and addiction psychiatry: We offer treatment to clients with substance abuse issues that co-occur with psychiatric conditions. Our experienced psychiatrists treat individuals who are newly recovering and those who need further help after previously attempting to recover from their addictions. In addiction psychiatry, clients should provide their medical history, current medication, and mental health concerns to help our psychiatrists to create a plan of action such as group therapy.

For the best professional drug treatment in Baltimore, contact The Bergand Group. We offer recovery programs for yourself or for others who are seeking education materials about addictions. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction treatment and recovery center and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues, including direction for those who may be denying an addiction.  We can help you to work through your addiction in a safe and healthy environment where everyone is committed to your care.

About The Bergand Group:

At The Bergand Group in Baltimore and Harford County, Maryland, our therapists have more than twenty years of experience in the mental health and addiction fields. Our focus is on providing comprehensive mental health care and appropriate care for addictive disorders. We offer both alcohol rehab and drug rehabilitation. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or substance addiction, there is help available. We also offer several other services, including family therapy and counseling. We can help. Contact us today.