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Finding Drug Help in Harford County for Recovery

Drug Help in Harford County - The Bergand Group

It can be hard to come to terms with being an addict. At some point, most people realize that they are addicted to a substance or alcohol, but what can be more difficult is then seeking drug help in Harford County. Many people think they are managing their substance abuse enough to get by but are neglecting to notice the damage that their substance abuse is causing to their life. Some common signs that it is time for help include:

  • Enlarged or small pupils
  • Excessive risk-taking (while driving, unprotected sex, etc)
  • Neglecting home and work responsibilities
  • Changes in sleep and appetite
  • Secretive behavior
  • Troubled relationships

How to Find Drug Help in Harford County

There are dozens of organizations that promise help for drug addicts, but it is important to carefully screen any facility you are considering to ensure you find effective treatment. Ideally, you want to work with an addiction center that understands addiction is a lifelong disease and not something you can conquer with one inpatient stay. It is also important to consider the co-morbid conditions that often occur with drug abuse to help improve the chances of staying in recovery. Finally, proper drug help in Harford County will have a detox program since cold turkey is never a safe nor long-lasting approach to beating addiction.

Contact The Bergand Group

The Bergand Group in Harford County offers professional drug help in Harford County by offering addiction programs designed to meet the individual needs of each individual addict. From group therapy to individual therapy in intensive outpatient programs and counseling, The Bergand Group addresses every aspect of the person and their addiction to improve recovery rates. In addition, the facility also offers family therapy, relapse prevention support, and medication management to help addicts from the first stage of detoxication through the lifelong stage of recovery. The Bergand Group helps addicts get and stay clean. Contact us now for information about enrolling in our programs.

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