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Learn About Finding Drug Help in Harford County

Drug Help in Harford County - The Bergand Group

Addiction, or substance dependence, occurs when a person cannot control their alcohol, illegal, or prescription drug use. Even if they know the damage it causes, they continue to use the substance and suffer its effects. Behavioral signs of addiction include being secretive and only using the substance when alone, experiencing relationship problems, denying dependence, resisting intervention, and giving up hobbies in favor of using. Physical symptoms include becoming careless with appearance, blacking out from alcohol use, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as moodiness, depression, cravings, and anger when there’s not enough of the substance in the body. If you or a loved one are suffering from substance abuse and need drug help in Harford County, the Bergand Group offers treatment programs to help people recover and grow to achieve a level of personal development through our programs.

The Dangers of Opting for A Questionable Establishment for Treatment

It’s important to find the right treatment center because there are some that are solely focused on profit. These treatment centers do more harm than good. Be sure to ask about their license, because real treatment centers are accredited and licensed. If they are offering free rent or grocery gift cards from a “sober home” in exchange for going to a specific treatment center, they should not be trusted. If the ads on their website are generic and do not advertise a treatment center name, it could be a broker selling contact information. Be vigilant in order to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The Bergand Group Offers Drug Help in Harford County

Our goal is to provide compassionate and individualized treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, mental health, and related disorders. We create a comfortable setting that provides respect for the individuality and dignity of our patients and providers. We want to help each patient and family member improve their mental, physical, and emotional well-being through evidence-based practices. All of our therapists are licensed and have over 20 years of experience. We offer drug monitoring and prescribing, pharmacologic therapy, use of antagonist and blocking agents, and buprenorphine. For more information, contact us today. You don’t have to face substance abuse alone.

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