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Finding Recovery and Drug Help in Bel Air Maryland

Drug Help in Bel Air - The Bergand Group

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics reports that today, there are more than 37,000 people who use illegal drugs. A quarter of these users are actually addicted–and more will be if their patterns of abuse continue unchecked. Drug addiction is a chronic condition that not only involves a physical dependence, but also psychological one. Fortunately, with drug help in Bel Air, Maryland, you can manage this condition and prevent your substance addiction from ruining your health and other important aspects of your life.

How Do You Know If You’re Addicted?

Typically, a person who has developed a drug addiction will notice many signs or symptoms that should alert them that there’s a problem. Trying to stop but not being able to is a serious sign of a drug use disorder. If you experience withdrawal symptoms after not using for a period of time, you should get an evaluation as you’ve either developed a drug dependence or full-blown addiction. Using or thinking about using daily, experiencing health issues related to your use, or experiencing financial or relationship problems are also signs that you need drug help in Bel Air.

The Bergand Group and Drug Addiction Treatment

If you’re struggling with drug abuse or addiction, The Bergand Group can help with its array of outpatient treatments. We feature individualized treatment plans that involve medically sanctioned therapies as well as outpatient detox. Our clinicians have years of experience in addiction medicine and mental healthcare. If you need drug help in Bel Air, you can rely on our empathetic team who can help you end your dependence to safeguard your health and your future.

Choose High-Quality Addiction Treatment

Today, there are many different groups and organizations that offer drug help in Bel Air and nearby regions. It’s crucial to choose a professional addiction treatment center staffed by credentialed doctors. Substance addiction is a serious condition. Don’t entrust your mental and physical health to uncertified counselors who lack the knowledge and experience to provide the support you need to successfully manage your addiction.

Drug Help in Bel Air Maryland 

Contact The Bergand Group to learn about our intensive outpatient treatment programs and detox process. We tailor our treatments to suit your needs. We also offer dual diagnosis treatment for clients suffering from addiction as well as a mental health disorders like depression.

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