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Drug Help in Harford County: What You Should Know.

Drug Help in Harford County

The signs of substance abuse are sometimes difficult to recognize, especially for the user. Becoming aware of the potential red flags can help you discover a problem and steer you to seek properly-qualified drug help in Harford County.

Symptoms and Signs of Addiction

Any of the following can be evidence of a potential problem. If you see these situations in your life or the life of a loved one, you may need to seek professional help:

  • The user becomes isolated or secretive, avoiding social gatherings and interactions.
  • The user begins to drop out of activities or hobbies where they would previously have associated and participated.
  • Relationships begin to be diminished or abandoned, and the user begins to reject interaction with others, even close family and friends.
  • The user begins to neglect personal hygiene and stops maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.
  • Mood swings and outbursts may increase, including expressions of anger, aggression, frustration, depression, or other signs of withdrawal.
  • The user may have periods of blacking out or losing track of a segment of time past.
  • Changes in character, personality, and treatment of others around them.

Seeking a Professional

If you are experiencing any of these signs and are concerned that you may have a problem, it is crucial that you seek the help of a professional right away. Substance abuse is often a progressive and continually damaging situation and should not be taken lightly or left to chance. Trying to solve the problems yourself or with an untrained associate can be disastrous. Only a fully trained, experienced professional can correctly evaluate your condition and determine the proper course of action to get your life back on track.

Drug Help in Harford County

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms or are concerned about your substance use, you can find drug help in Harford County at The Bergand Group. Our experienced professionals provide a variety of counseling, therapy, and addiction programs, and can connect you with the help you need. Don’t wait another day, take charge of your situation and let us help you get back on track to a prosperous, fulfilling, and successful life. Give us a call today.

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