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Who Might Benefit From Detox Programs in Baltimore?

Detox Programs in Baltimore

The journey to recovery from substance abuse is challenging, rewarding, and never impossible. Detox programs in Baltimore provide safe and effective ways for individuals to successfully recover from substance abuse.

What is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is the process of ridding the body of harmful substances, such as drugs and alcohol. The primary goal of detox programs in Baltimore is to minimize any potential physical harm that could result from refraining to use drugs for an extended period.

Benefits of Professional Detox Programs in Baltimore

There are different benefits of detox programs for individuals who need them. Safety is one essential benefit of professional drug detox programs. Many withdrawals from substance abuse pose a greater threat to the individual than other people, especially if there are underlying psychological or physical health diseases or conditions. The safety provided at a professional detox facility involves a 24-hour observation of mild, moderate, and severe symptoms that may require medical attention or psychiatric support.


Some individuals believe a “cold turkey” detox is the only way to rid their body of harmful substances. A cold turkey detox lacks many of the essential components of a professional detox, such as adequate support. Hidden dangers of detoxing cold turkey include immediate relapse or worse consequences. Professional detox programs provide a supportive environment and acts as a breath of fresh air for individuals embarking on their recovery journey.

Physical Health Improvements

It’s no secret that drugs and alcohol take a toll on a person’s overall health. Professional drug detox programs in Baltimore address an individual’s needs, such as nutrition, medical intervention, mental health, and more, helping people become stable and increase their chances of making a full recovery.

Psychological Health Improvements

Professional detox programs provide guidance and comfort, as well as psychosocial and pharmacological interventions if necessary. Psychological improvements in addition to physical health improvements promote positive attitudes, thoughts, and emotions, which is paramount for individuals after they recover from substance abuse.

Finding Detox Programs in Baltimore

The Bergand Group is a drug and treatment center in Maryland that provides an effective, compassionate, and individualized treatment plan for their patients. Contact the Bergand Group today to learn more about their substance abuse recovery services.

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