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What to Expect from Detox Programs in Baltimore

Detox Programs in Baltimore

Admitting you have a problem is the first step in a meaningful recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. The second step is finding detox programs in Baltimore that can help you get clean, and the third step is then finding support from outpatient detox programs in Baltimore that can help you retain your sobriety. Addiction is a life-long problem, so you need to find a center with the resources to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

What Are Detox Programs in Baltimore?

Detox programs in Baltimore often have one goal in mind: to medically treat patients as they withdraw from alcohol or drugs. Patients are strictly monitored throughout this process to reduce withdrawal symptoms and ensure that they do not suffer any of the harmful side effects of withdrawing from a drug. The severity of withdrawal symptoms is associated with the length of drug use and the type of substance that was abused. Following detox, patients will often be admitted into a substance abuse rehab or addiction center to help them maintain sobriety.

Benefits of Professional Detox Programs

Professional detox programs in Baltimore are an excellent way to reduce symptoms of withdrawal and can make sobriety an attainable goal for those who are unable to face addiction on their own. There are various levels of detox programs designed for patients who need help maintaining their current lifestyle or families while detoxing. Many programs offer an outpatient option where patients can safely detox under medical supervision for a few hour daily for a few weeks and then return to life.

Risks of Detoxing Cold Turkey

Many risks are associated with detoxing cold turkey, especially if addicted to certain narcotics or opioids. Strokes, seizures, heart attacks, and even death are all risks of drug detox, but can be managed in a medical setting. These risks can not be mitigated if you choose to detox on your own.

If you or a loved one is looking at detox programs in Baltimore, check out the Bergand Group for a comprehensive solution that includes detox programs and rehabilitation options.

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