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Understanding the Importance of Detox Programs in Baltimore

Detox Programs in Baltimore

The road to recovery is long if you suffer from drug or substance abuse. However, it is possible to enter and maintain recovery with the help of the right drug treatment programs and a strong will to beat addiction. Before you enter the recovery stage, you first have to enter sobriety which is where detox programs in Baltimore can enter the picture.

What are Detox Programs in Baltimore?

Drug detox is the process of ridding the body of alcohol or a drug substance, but when referring to detox programs in Baltimore it usually describes the process of using medical interventions to help a patient through the detox process. Withdrawal can be the biggest hindrance to obtaining sobriety, which is why detox programs in Baltimore are often necessary to beat addiction.

Benefits of Professional Detox Programs

Most of the benefits of detox programs in Baltimore is that they include medical support during the detoxification process. This includes medical stabilization, reduced withdrawal symptoms, and careful monitoring to ensure that an addict does not suffer a medical complications throughout the withdrawal process.

It is important to note that a detox program is focused on getting an addict sober, while a rehabilitation program is focused on keeping them sober. Therefore, once the detox program is complete the addict will need to transition into a rehabilitation program to continue their recovery.

Risks of Attempting to Quit Drugs/Alcohol Cold Turkey

The biggest risk of attempting to quit drugs and alcohol cold turkey is death. Over time, an addict’s brain and body adjusts to large amounts of substances, so when those substances are taken away cold turkey it can wreck havoc in the way the body functions. While death is the most serious risk, there are other fairly noticeable risks associated with quitting drugs or alcohol cold turkey including stroke, heart attack, seizure, and relapse.

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