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Understanding Detox Programs in Baltimore County

detox programs in baltimore county

If you have a substance use disorder, you may wonder how to quit using drugs and alcohol safely. To ease the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, you should consider supervised detox programs in Baltimore County. At The Bergand Group, we offer personalized detox programs tailored to the withdrawal symptoms that come with a dependence on alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs. Let us help you get past the first critical days and weeks of your recovery.

What Is a Detox Center?

Detox centers provide a structured, supervised environment that allows you to receive the care you need during detox. To progress to a long-term recovery strategy, you need caring, professional assistance. The Bergand Group provides comprehensive, evidence-based detox programs to help you begin your journey back to drug-free living.

Benefits of Professional Detox Programs in Baltimore County

You can benefit from attending a professional detox program. Detoxing on your own or quitting “cold turkey” makes it difficult to get past withdrawal symptoms. You may find yourself tempted to use drugs or alcohol to ease the pain, nausea, confusion, and sleeplessness that may occur after you stop using. Additionally, some symptoms can become life-threatening, and you need qualified medical professionals to help safeguard your health during detox.

At The Bergand Group, our withdrawal management program provides psychological and medical support as your body rids itself of drugs and alcohol. You receive care from trained medical staff as well as addiction counselors. Medical professionals monitor body temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs and provide medication to reduce the impact of severe symptoms.

If you have a substance abuse addiction involving opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines, and other drugs, our team can help you get through the most challenging part of detox. For example, clonidine and buprenorphine alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms such as chills, nausea and insomnia. Further, these and other medications reduce your cravings and help prevent relapse.

Risks of Detoxing on Your Own

You may feel determined to quit abusing alcohol or drugs on your own. However, depending on the severity of your addiction, this can put you at greater risk of returning to drug use and experiencing adverse physical symptoms.

Because your brain and body change due to substance abuse, it takes more than willpower to safely detox and reprogram your brain. During withdrawal, your body rids itself of drugs, but your addicted brain still craves the rewards of substance abuse. For this reason, you must get the emotional, mental and physical support you need to avoid further drug abuse.

Detox Programs in Baltimore County

When you receive assistance during detox, you have a much higher chance of leaving alcohol and drug abuse behind you. Residential detox programs in Baltimore County provide comprehensive mind and body support. Contact The Bergand Group today to learn how to enroll in an effective detox program.

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