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Learn More About Detox Programs in Baltimore

detox programs in Baltimore

Approximately 23.5 million Americans struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, only an estimated 11% of those people receive addiction treatment. The first step in addiction treatment is detox and, luckily, there are detox programs in Baltimore available at The Bergand Group.

What is a Detox Program?

A detoxification program is when an individual substance from all drugs and alcohol to completely get rid of any presence of substances in their body. When someone has a substance abuse addiction, their body and mind become reliant on the supply of those substances. The detox process can than be a huge shock to the body.

Detox is necessary to move onto the next stage of addiction treatment, which includes therapy and coping.

Benefits of Detox Programs

The benefits of a detox program include:

  • Professional medical supervision, in case anything goes wrong
  • Medication management (if appropriate) to ease the severity of withdrawal symptoms
  • Identifying and treating co-existing conditions
  • Higher chance of a complete and successful detox

Risks of a DIY Approach

Some individuals think they can go “cold turkey” and attempt detox on their own. This is actually incredibly risky as the body goes into shock when its regular supply of substances are removed. Withdrawal symptoms can often be severe and even life-threatening. When you go through a professional detox program, medical staff are always on stand-by. In the event that there’s a medical emergency, such as a heart attack, they will be there to help.

For certain individuals who qualify, medical management might be an option. Medical management is when small doses of medication are prescribed to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

Lastly, it’s statistically proven that people who undergo professional detox programs are more likely to be successful. Individuals who attempt it on their own often give up during the process and then are too scared to try detoxing again in the future.

Detox Programs in Baltimore Available at The Bergand Group

If you’re looking for a detox program in Baltimore, the Bergand Group is your solution. The Bergand Group offers a wide variety of professional rehabilitation services, including detox programs, withdrawal management, therapy, and more. Contact us today for a consultation.

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