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Jumpstart Recovery with Detox Programs in Baltimore

detox programs in Baltimore

Detox programs in Baltimore are available to anyone who needs help to kick their addiction. Our team can provide you with a safe recovery environment and treatment protocol based on decades of experience. Learn the basics of detoxing and how to recover from your addiction with the necessary support.

Detox Program Definition

Before you decide to enroll in a detox program in Baltimore, you’ll want to know what to expect. A medically assisted or managed withdrawal program uses specific therapies and medications to support you during your detox process.

Having a team assist with the body’s natural process of eliminating toxic substances from your body reduces the negative side-effects of the withdrawal process. In contrast, detox programs focus on medical stabilization, minimizing the effects of withdrawal, and transitioning to a point where the next step is rehabilitation.

Addiction and Addiction Recovery

It is essential to understand that this detox program differs from addiction recovery, which involves rehabilitation. Instead, detoxing from substance abuse follows one program to eliminate poisonous substances from your body in a safe manner.

On the other hand, the addiction recovery or rehabilitation process follows a different protocol. Rehabilitation involves a collection of treatment services involving social and psychological healing. These therapies aim at providing patients with the tools to manage their lives better when re-entering society.

Benefits of Detox Programs in Baltimore

After you enroll in a drug detox program, you can expect to enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Become knowledgeable about addiction
  • Learn how to overcome the cycle of addiction
  • identify triggers through in-depth counseling
  • Establish healthy new habits to manage your life

With these benefits in mind, our medical experts strongly advise against going cold turkey due to the side effects that can discourage healthy recovery.

The Dangers of Going Cold Turkey

The long-term side effects of this risk are not worth it. Anyone who detoxes from addictive substances like alcohol or drugs will undergo several dangerous side effects. These detox side-effects may include:

  • Mental and emotional side-effects range from moderate to extreme anxiety or agitation, mood swings, depression, or anxiety.
  • Physical symptoms can involve headaches, bodily tremors, nausea, and side effects that resemble flu.
  • Patients will inevitably suffer from overwhelming cravings, particularly for the substance from which they are detoxing.

Your safest, most healthy option to detox or recover from substance abuse is to call on the help of experienced medical experts.

Contact Us to Get Help with Detox Programs in Baltimore 

When you are at the point where you realize you have an addiction and need help, contact The Bergand Group for detox programs in Baltimore and elsewhere. Our medical team has the experience and qualifications to alter the course of your life positively.

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