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Finding Detox Programs in Bel Air Maryland

Detox Programs in Baltimore

Drug detoxification is the first step of treatment. It’s also the natural process of eliminating a substance or substances from the body. A drug detox program, on the other hand, entails eliminating said substances with the use of medications and therapies to manage the side effects that follow quitting drugs. While detox is a necessary step, it’s important to do this in an official, licensed detox program. If you need detox programs in Bel Air, The Bergand Group can guide you safely through the process with medical supervision.

The Benefits of Professional Detox Programs

When a person detoxes from the substance they’ve been using, they’re setting themselves up for success. Once the toxins are out of their body, they can analyze their behaviors and begin to relearn a sober way of life. It’s also life-saving; after detoxing, the person will experience withdrawal symptoms which may include anxiety, mood swings, depression, intense cravings, and flu-like symptoms, which can be treated by healthcare professionals.

Risks You Face Going Cold Turkey

Abruptly eliminating the consumption of certain substances like alcohol can be life-threatening and cause seizures. In rare cases, delirium tremens is possible which is fatal and causes hallucinations, strokes, shaking, and high blood pressure. While abruptly quitting opioids is usually not fatal, it causes extreme discomfort and is likely to trigger the person into using again to ease them. It’s also dangerous to detox at home because it’s likely the person is surrounded by triggers. A much safer and comfortable option would be to find a professional detox program.

The Bergand Group Offers Detox Programs in Bel Air

We offer outpatient drug and alcohol detox, which have many benefits including social support, not giving up the comfort of one’s own home, contact with loved ones, and the ability to work and maintain day-to-day activities. We also offer general and addiction psychiatry, medication management, individual therapy, and DUI and DWI educational and after-care programs. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment today, contact us. Our goal is to help our clients in a humane and sensitive way to recover and reach a level of personal development and comfort.

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