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Discover Detox Programs in Baltimore

detox program in Baltimore

Dealing with addiction is no easy task. The complex combination of physical dependency and emotional reliance creates a volatile, unstable situation that is difficult to overcome. The Bergand Group offers detox programs in Baltimore for those struggling with addiction and requiring professional assistance.

What is Detox?

Detoxification is the process of removing the presence of substances, the effects and damage of those substances, and the physical and emotional dependency on them from the addict. Drugs and alcohol can have extremely damaging effects on a person, and a detox program must be flexible and powerful enough to overcome every obstacle.

More About Detox

Drug and alcohol detox, or withdraw symptom management, guides patients through their withdrawal period with medical supervision. Detox/withdraw symptom management is necessary for those who experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not using. For patients in their first step of drug and alcohol recovery, outpatient treatment programs are beneficial for their success. Our clinicians closely monitor patients during this process and ensure a safe and healthy detoxification.

Benefits of Outpatient Detox/Withdraw Symptom Management

While it fully depends on the patient’s substance abuse history, we believe there are many benefits to our outpatient detox/withdraw symptom management programs.

  • Social support. Patients are provided with many support programs during their outpatient detox/withdraw symptom management. Included in these programs are family therapy and group therapy.
  • Ability to work and maintain day-to-day activities. Patients often times seek anonymity during this process and outpatient detox/withdraw symptom management is an easy solution. With the ability to maintain most of their normal activities, patients are able to get the treatment they need without having to explain prolonged absences from work or school.
  • Comfort of one’s own home. The recovery process can be difficult and patients enjoy the comfort of returning to their own homes at the end of the day. Patients also have the chance to implement confidence-building lessons that are learned through the recovery process.
  • Contact with family and friends. Healthy relationships are vital to a successful recovery process. During the detox/withdraw symptom management period, patients may find it beneficial to be surrounded by a supportive group of loved ones and outpatient detox/withdraw symptom management makes this possible.

Detox Programs in Baltimore

Dealing with addiction is a serious matter, but with the proper help and support, there is hope for every addict. The Bergand Group is a professional, compassionate team of experts in substance abuse recovery. They offer a number of detox programs in Baltimore and can start you or your loved one on a path to freedom. Contact us today!

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