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Detox Programs in Baltimore County

detox programs in Baltimore County

If you’re looking for detox programs in Baltimore County, you’re in the right place. Quitting cold turkey is never advisable, regardless of your location. The physical and mental stress of getting off drugs or alcohol is too much to bear at once.

What Are Detox Programs and How Do They Help With Addiction?

Also known as “medical withdrawal”, detox programs help clean out the patient’s body at a steady, natural pace to avoid relapses.

The detox process typically involves the following:

  • Evaluation – trained clinical staff perform a detailed evaluation of the addict’s physical and mental history.
  • Stabilization – a customized treatment plan is implemented, along with prescribed medication and recommended therapy.
  • Aftercare – strategies, and skills are developed and used by the patient for long-term care and sobriety.

Despite the words “detox” and “rehab” being routinely used interchangeably, they each focus on different sides of recovery. Rehab centers usually include a larger number of services that assist with the recovery process. Detox centers put more of their efforts into helping patients maintain stability, getting rid of or reducing withdrawal symptoms, and helping patients transition to longer-term treatment options.

Advantages of Using Detox Programs in Baltimore County

Some common benefits of detox programs include:

  • Supervision – the patient is under constant monitoring by medical professionals.
  • Medication Updates – the staff can adjust medication for the patient as needed.
  • Safety – life-threatening withdrawal symptoms are kept at bay and monitored closely.
  • Easier Treatment – medications are administered that ease the effects of withdrawal.
  • Better Recovery Odds – getting completely clean in a medical facility sets patients up for a better chance at transitioning to recovery.

Risks of Going Cold Turkey

Quitting “cold turkey” or coming to a sudden stop is dangerous for most substances. When stopped bluntly, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can cause seizures and, in some cases, even death. Other general withdrawal side effects for both drugs and alcohol can include nausea, delirium, diarrhea, and other flu-like symptoms. Giving up any substance in an instant will almost certainly result in disorienting, and sometimes even life-threatening, risks to the patient.

Contact The Bergand Group today to learn more about detox programs in Baltimore County. Let us help you rid yourself of substance abuse once and for all.

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