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Detox Programs in Baltimore: Beginning Recovery

Detox Programs in Baltimore

The repeated use of drugs, or continuous engagement in risky behavior, such as gambling, can lead to as addiction. This biopsychosocial disorder causes individuals to engage in such behaviors without regard for harm to themselves and others. Recovering from addiction takes motivation, determination, and professional guidance. The Bergand Group offers detox programs in Baltimore that help individuals on their journey through recovery.

What Does Detox Mean?

Detoxification occurs when an individual rids their body of unhealthy toxins and substances, including drugs and alcohol, for an undisclosed period. During the detox process, an individual’s body has time to purge all the harmful substances in their body and rebuild their body using healthy practices.

What is a Detox Program?

A detox program is a rehabilitation program that helps individuals who are struggling with addiction. These programs provide support for individuals through their entire recovery from addiction by offering counseling, support groups, medication (if needed), and other resources.

The Benefits of Professional Detox Programs in Baltimore

Safe Environment

Professional detox programs in Baltimore provide a safe environment for recovery. People with addiction struggle with habitual drug use, and when left in their normal surroundings, they are more likely to continue to use drugs. Withdrawal is one of the most difficult parts of recovery for many people who struggle with addiction and going “cold turkey” is not safe. Going cold turkey can lead to a coma, seizures, and relapse. Detox programs help individuals through withdrawal by providing professional medical treatment in a safe environment.

Focus on Recovery

Individuals can focus on receiving the treatment they need and their recovery without outside influences. Outside influences can be friends, relatives, and other individuals who have an addiction. When individuals focus on their recovery, they can create a plan that helps them cope with life without drugs or alcohol.

Explore Underlying Issues

Many times, people become addicted to alcohol, drugs, and other things because it’s how they cope with past trauma or things that are occurring in their life. A professional detox program can help address these issues and help with recovering from different traumas and other issues.

Detox Programs in Baltimore

The Bergand Group is your recovery partner. No one should have to endure recovery alone. At The Bergand Group, individuals will receive individual and group therapy, medication management, and more. Contact The Bergand Group today to learn more about their recovery services and other programs.

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