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Understanding Counseling and Psychotherapy in Baltimore County

Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore

Recovering from drug addiction takes time and a lot of support. Counseling and psychotherapy in Baltimore County have been proven to play a large role in the success of addiction recovery for many patients. While the physical addiction has to be overcome first during the detoxification process, the mental component is vital to sustained recovery.

Treating the “Physical and Mental” Sides of Addiction

Therefore, it is important to address both the physical and mental signs of addiction in order for treatment to be effective. The physical side of addiction involves overcoming withdrawal symptoms and physical cravings, but psychological cravings last much longer. Successful recovery is determined by identifying all sources of cravings including internal factors like stress and external factors like environmental cues.

What Role Does Counseling and Psychotherapy in Baltimore County Play in Addiction Recovery?

Counseling and psychotherapy in Baltimore County are focused on identifying and recognizing mental cravings and their triggers so that an addict can successfully overcome and eventually stop cravings from occurring. Mental cravings can persist for years, so in order to enter and remain in recovery, an addict must learn how to fight cravings that are triggered by environmental and social stimuli.

The goal at the end of treatment is to teach patients how to identify a trigger and then remove themselves from the situation. If removal is impossible, then the patient must learn how to control the craving so that the craving does not control them.

Face Addiction Head-On with Help from the Bergand Group

The Bergand Group addresses the power of mental cravings by providing patients with one-on-one counseling and psychotherapy in Baltimore County. The goal of our addiction counselors is to guide patients through their own personal triggers by exploring emotional and behavioral issues that may have led to substance abuse. Addiction therapy is not an overnight success. To successfully enter and stay in recovery addicts must continue to address their issues and allow the process to work for them. Meeting with an addiction counselor is one great way to stay on track and attain sobriety. Contact the Bergand Group today for more information about counseling and psychotherapy in Baltimore County.

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