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Counseling and Psychotherapy in Baltimore County Can Aid Recovery

Counseling and Psychotherapy in Baltimore County

Addiction treatment does not end when once the addict sobers up. While many people think the battle begins when an addict decides to get sober, this is really just step one. The true battle begins when the addict resolves to stay sober because relapse is always a looming threat. In order for an addict to recover fully, they must take part in a multifaceted addiction treatment program that includes counseling and psychotherapy in Baltimore County.

What is Addiction Recovery?

Addiction recovery is everything that comes after sobering up. In layman’s terms, it is the process of staying clean, but there is much more to it than just avoiding drug or substance abuse. While that is the goal, it takes a variety of mental and physical tools to learn how to ignore the cravings. Addictions are triggered by the mind as much as they are by the body.

While initially, the physical cravings may be what keeps an addict using, mental cravings can persist for the rest of an addict’s life and are one of the top reasons why addicts relapse years into recovery. Proper therapy can address the triggers that lead to relapse and help the addict learn how to control their response to internal and external factors.

The Importance of Counseling and Psychotherapy in Baltimore County

Addiction counseling Baltimore County can help address mental cravings by teaching addicts how to recognize a trigger before it overcomes them and then teaching them effective coping mechanisms and strategies that will help them make the right choice. While an addict can avoid physical situations such as a bar or party that may make them want to use again, they cannot always control mental and emotional stimuli and therefore must learn the proper skills to control their cravings.

Seek Out Counseling and Psychotherapy in Baltimore County

If you are struggling to fight addiction counseling and psychotherapy in Baltimore County can help. At Bergand Group we offer an addiction counselor that works with patients in a one-on-one setting to address cues and stimuli that may encourage you to use again. The counselor will also recommend treatment based on any emotional or behavioral issues that may be contributing to your addiction. If you need help, call Bergand Group today to schedule an intake visit for counseling and psychotherapy in Baltimore County.

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